Rental Boats

Here at the Cove we offer rental boats to get you out on the lake. We offer Pontoon boats, Motor boats, and Row boats.  Our motor boats and pontoon boats are powered by 6 and 8 horsepower outboards so no boaters license is required.  Rental boats are first come first served and are available to guest and day use customers.

Please take note.

Motorized rental boats are rented for fishing only.

Swimming is not allowed from the rental boats.

Rental boats are not to be taken to shore or any other dock on the lake.

Boats can be rented when we open in the morning and must be checked by the designated time (times change as daylight increases). No boats will be rented overnight.

Dogs are allowed on pontoon boats only.

Pontoon boats.

We currently have 13 pontoon boats.

The boats are 20 feet long and have a flat deck with wrap around rails.

Most pontoon boats are wheelchair accessible, rate includes life jackets and fuel.  Weight of persons, motor, and gear all count towards overall weight capacity.

Capacity:  8 people/1,400 lbs whichever comes first.

Rate: $25.00 + tax/ hour, no daily rate.

Motor Boats.

We have 14, 14 foot Smokercraft boats with gas outboards that we rent.

Rate includes life jackets and fuel. Weight of persons, motor, and gear all count towards overall weight capacity.

Capacity: ~ 3-4 people/600-800 lbs whichever comes first (weight and capacity varries a small amount by boat)

Rate: $16.00 + tax/ hour, no daily rate.

Row Boats.

We have 20 14ft Smokercraft row boats.  You are welcome to bring your own motor (gas or electric)

to put on our boats but gas motors must be under 10hp and motor weight is included in overall

weight limit.

Capacity: 600 lbs

Rate: $8.00 + tax/hour, $35.00 + tax/day.